About Us

Jenni Gault, Zimbabwean born now “Proudly South African” started the brand previously known as “Jenni Collections” in 2005. 

In July 2006 she was the exclusive Jewellery Designer for SWAROVSKI® at South
 Africa Fashion Week. She subsequently received her own “Swarovski Elements” brand partner number.

Jenni has been designing jewellery for 35 years and for the last 12 years, exclusively using Precious Metals and Swarovski Elements.

Jenni has shown and has a number of clients Internationally
– International Jeweller London,JCK – Las Vegas, New York and Tokyo to mention a few.

Jenni operates from her Port Elizabeth studio in South Africa, from where she travels, shows and sees her clients in London, Paris, Shanghai, New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Moscow, Dubai, Munich, Wattens and Hong Kong.

Inspired by the wondrous palette which SWAROVSKI® provide, her entire range incorporates the world’s best crystal. Setting in Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel her designs are, at the same time, both fashionably elegant and easy to wear.

World Jewellery Facets

World Jewellery Facets is an initiative of SWAROVSKI® Elements, a creative platform that aims to present the best of contemporary jewellery design on a global scale. It represents both a celebration of the glamour and versatility of superior crystal from SWAROVSKI® Elements and a tribute to the technical mastery and creative vision of the designers who partner with them.

This inspirational exhibition previews a unique collection of amazing jewellery pieces displaying remarkable craftsmanship—the fruits of SWAROVSKI's long collaboration with the crème de crème of the world’s design talent. 

On presenting these exquisite pieces, Hermann Winkler, Vice President for North Asia Operations of SWAROVSKI®, welcomed Jenni Gault , introducing her to Chinese celebrities and the attending media as “one of the most talented fashion jewellery designers’. Jenni dined with the deputy editor of fashion industry guiding publication, Marie Claire and also had an interview with Modern Weekly – a magazine with a print run in excess of 83 million copies. 

As the first designer invited from Africa, Jenni's  two couture designs, the African Waterfall and African Thunderstorm, one for Las Vegas, the USA and European markets, the other for Shanghai and the eastern markets were very well received. 

Jenni was invited for the following two World Jewellery Facet Exhibitions, leading her to showcasing her Circle of Life Hero piece in Paris and Harmony Collection in Shanghai.

   African Waterfall                      African Thunderstorm                      Circle of Life                                   Harmony